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AC3 Team Advisors

AC3 Team

Steve McGarry


Changing how the world learns and consumes digital content, Steve has a vast network of online educators and creators that reaches over 200 million consumers worldwide. Steve launched his first cryptocurrency in 2014.

John G Fields


Over 20 years in derivatives and alternative markets, in 2011 John designed a financial instrument that created generational uncorrelated cash flows. Previously, a Director in several U.S. based public companies with former assignments at Barclays, OPIC and the White House.

James Lovatt


Over a decade of deep software development. James is in the top percentile of security clearance programmers globally, created platforms in the predictive crime units.

Eugenio Apolo

Chief Technical Officer

A 30-year programmer and early adopter of the bitcoin protocol, Eugenio is a pioneer in cryptographically-stored values and experimental blockchains. In 2013, Eugenio created public and private blockchains, developing cryptocoins and DAPPS, launched his "Countrycoin" called CryptoEscudo (CESC) in 2014.

Brian Raisl

Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Specializes in corporate strategy and client partnerships. Brian started his career at the SEC analyzing and investigating securities fraud. Then, spent 10 years in business consulting for Fortune 500 & Investment Companies. In 2015, Brian’s passion for education became his focus. Previously, the first VP at EdTech startup (Hack Reactor) and an education consultant for Autodesk.

Frank Grant

Head of Law and Regulations

Managing Director of Solganick & Co, early-stage private equity technology investments. A former Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP, representing entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies and worked on several notable ICOs (Overstock).

Ramon Aponte-Salcedo

Design & Marketing

Front-end development and design. Led multiple marketing campaigns raising eight figure capital rounds for public and private companies.

Key Advisors

Drew Rasmussen

Started architecting blockchains in 2010 and has since created six private blockchains. Previously, led the development of proprietary Blockchain implementations for Tier-1 institutions: NASDAQ, State Street and, whose T0 platform is currently the first and only non-cryptocurrency based trading platform in the world based on Blockchain technology. Drew is the CTO for OTCXN, a P2P trading network, based in San Francisco.

Steve Bassi

CEO and Founder of PolySwarm with over 20 years of experience in Information Security focused development. Steve previously founded Narf Industries, an information security R&D firm with marquee clients from DARPA to members of the Fortune 500. Previously served in lead roles in a variety of projects for Government and Industry including: blockchain-based identity management R&D and development of cutting-edge program analysis tools for DARPA’s CGC.

Kenzi Wang

General Partner at AU21, a Blockchain Fund that backs the top projects in the blockchain arena. Advises YouNow (Props), Mobius, BeeToken, BitLearn and Fundrequest. As a former tech CEO and investor with success in the e-commerce and enterprise spaces, Kenzi advises multiple companies in AI and blockchain on product market fit, growth and fundraising strategy.

Will Wright

Is considered the most important game designer in the world. Will’s focus is on complex adaptive systems. He created The Sims, the most popular and bestselling personal game of all time for personal computers. Wright was given a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at the Game Developers Choice Awards in 2001.

Keith Spears

Keith worked on alternative investments as a member of Hamilton Lane with over $359 billion under management. Keith has worked on over 100 transactions & investments of $1 million to over $10 billion in size.